The history of InerTec AG

Inertec AG was founded in December 1997. The main focus was to develop and manufacture a new concept of a closed cubicle (Glove Box). Thanks to the presence at various international exhibitions, attractive projects could be realised in a short time. As a valuable synergy with our own product, we acquired the representation of a German manufacturer who produces personnel and product protection safety equipment with air curtain technology. In the following years, the net product has continuously been developed and innovative products have been added to the commercial products.


Working in strong partnership with our customers.

With our many years of experience, we manufacture cleanroom technical equipment in close collaboration with our partners. In the phase of project planning, the customer's wishes come first. Prior to the realisation we develop the optimal approach and this always happens in close partnership with our customers.

Quality is the compatibility between our products, services and the specified requirements.

The agreement covers not only the economic and safety aspects but does also include environmental and health aspects.

During the course of a project we provide a permanent cost transparency and a clear schedule.


Foundation of InerTec AG by Roland Müller, Jürg Mayer, Toni Schürch and Markus Baertschi.


Various special equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and research institutes. Presentation of the newly developed acrylic glass glove box.


First exports of natural products to Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. The 50th installation from own production is delivered.


Supplementation of the product range by taking over representations of safety cabins for hazardous materials.

2002 - 2004

Supplementation of the product range by taking over further representations of Swiss cleanroom facilities.
Delivery of various people and product protection isolators. First export to overseas (Brazil).


Extension of the customer segment in watch and micro industries.
Delivery of a variety of cleanroom facilities for the production and storage of precision parts sensitive to particles and susceptible to moisture.


Umzug in die neuen Räumlichkeiten nach CH-2540 Genchen


The 500th "clean room workstation" (laminar flow) is delivered.


Launch of Laminar Flow Easy


Übernahme der InerTec AG durch Herr Stephan Bitter. Der bisherige Inhaber, Herr Roland Müller,  bleibt weiterhin als Partner und Mitglied in der Geschäftsleitung der InerTec AG tätig.


Produktneuentwicklungen erfolgreich eingeführt: 
  1. Optimierter Trockenlagerschrank für feuchtesensible Produkte

  2. Trockenlufterzeuger als wirtschaftliche Alternative für Stickstoffanwendungen

  3. Emissionsabsaugung an lösungsmittel-exponierten Arbeitsplätze

  4. Mehrfach Laminar-Flow Arbeitsplätze mit flexiblen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten frei nach Kundenwunsch


Opening of our branch in 4313 Möhlin

Stephan Bitter


Roland Müller

Member of the executive