Glove box isolator

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Glove box isolator


Model ITS isolator
B x T x H (mm)
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The Glove- Box of the ITS series is the result of a development for years. Due to the consequence application of reliable high quality components and the well tried controller unit.
Thus we could achieve the revolutionary price of this Glove- Box, all delicate and susceptible parts were eliminated. The principle housing of our modularly constructed, high grade stainless steel housings permit virtually unlimited possibilities. The development concept of a welded construction guaranteed a high level of airtightness and stability of the housing.
The newly developed front frame design with quick clamp system on a defined dead stop enables the front screen to be removed and replaced in less than five minutes. The static canal seal ensures excellent sealing in both partial vacuums and pressure above atmospheric. Should the front panel seal ever need replacing, this can easily be carried out by the operator him or herself. Sealing compounds, torque wrenches and other material are not required.
The ITS series system will be delivered fully assembled and tested.
This means an additional saving of often high costs, yet another important factor to be considered.


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